Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Crites takes August DOF Challenge with "Monopoly Horse"

What is it, this term "Depth of Field"?  An artform?  A technical term describing that part of the field of view, in photographic terms, that is considered to be in focus?  Based on Ken's submission for the August challenge, we agreed it's an artform.  Ken was able to completely elevate his subject (a gold monopoly piece) above the remainder of the frame by opening up his lens and then compensating for the full-open lens by shooting the image at a much slower shutter speed than would normally be required, if the lens had been set to a more "average" aperture, or lens opening size.

The resulting image has a very narrow distance from the lens at which the subject will be in focus.  Ken was able to get that distance to be precisely the location of his subject, resulting in the winning image this month.  Congratulations, Ken!

September Challenge:  Abstract & Patterns
Technical Topic:  Selections

Abstract photography is very much an artform.  The September Challenge seeks those photos in which the photographer has recorded repetition, structure, or texture in something that occurs naturally or is man-made.  Entries must be posted to the Club's Flikr site by the start of the next meeting, scheduled for 6:30 pm on Thursday evening, September 23rd.

The next technical topic will be led by Ken Crites.  "Selection" is the process by which the photographer carefully removes a part of a photograph from the rest, either for use in another piece of work, or for the purpose of applying a special effect.  Examples include the selection and removal of a building from a beach scene, or similarly, removal of a gray and lifeless sky with and replacement with a vibrant, blue sky with bright puffy clouds.