Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ottawa NWR Trip?

I was wondering if we should start thinking about a trip up to Ottawa NWR this summer? I spent a couple of hours there back in the spring during a family trip to Sandusky and got some of the best juvenile eagles pictures I have even taken.

Since the best time seems to be early morning and late afternoon, I was thinking of a drive up in the evening, staying over at a local Hampton Inn or something, and then spending the next day chasing birds. Maybe coming back that evening.

What do you guys think?


  1. I'm in. I love that place. Let me know which weekend.

  2. I am trying to see what works best, early July or late July. We have the model shoot and th air show in there too. Any preferences?

  3. Ken - ONWR has certain dates when they allow you to drive thru the entire canal system, which is really handy with the amount of gear we have. The upcoming dates are 6/20 (I believe you are out of town, but I may go up), 7/18 (conflicts with Dayton Air Show), 8/15, and 9/5. Other dates are OK, too, but these are the best.

  4. Good idea! Maybe we can pencil in the 15th of August as July is looking busy!