Friday, January 8, 2010

Here we Go! Eagle Trip 2010 is Under Way!

By Larry Rogers

This year's Eagle Trip story begins on Thursday morning, January 7th.  I met up with Ken Crites at his house at around 11:00, but that is only part of the story.  The legendary "white death of winter" rolled into the Tri-state over night.  The first inch was on the ground, and there was a lot more on the way, according to local weather sources.

"Much ado about nothing," was my description as we packed Ken's items and closed the rear hatch door on the Yukon.  We stopped for a burger, then headed down to I-275 West at state road 747.  I tuned the radio to WLW for their "news and traffic together" every ten minutes on the "tens," as they say.  A few minutes later, we got this news...  "We have one car off on the right shoulder on 275 westbound at Colerain, and we just got a report of a jack-knifed semi on westbound I-74 at the Indiana state line."

My heart sank.  "What are our options?" I wondered.  We could have driven north, up to Dayton on I-75, then taken I-70 across to Indy, and pick up I-74 West there.  But, there is still a lot of construction along that route, and who is to say we won't run into the same thing up there.  I will cut to the chase - it was Friday morning before this year's Eagle Trip really got under way.  But, we are here!  We arrived late afternoon today - a little bit late to see much flying.  But, there were two adults in a tree near Lock 14, two more in the air, and five more in a tree along the road back to the Super 8.  A total of nine adult sightings late in the afternoon - I'll take it...and hope for more tomorrow.  Stay tuned for an update.

Eric and his Mom (we call her Mrs. Curby) will be here real soon, and then we are off to the Bierstube (a local German restaurant) for dinner.  More tomorrow!

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