Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lord Nikon - Thom Hogan

The Nikon community has annointed Thom Hogan as its resident expert, for the Americas, at least. Thom writes the best technical reference manuals available anywhere.  Nikon no doubt recognizes Thom's contributions, too, because Thom will have his technical manuals available shortly after a new DSLR comes to market.  I'm sure Nikon is making their new gear available to Thom waaaaay before the rest of us.  To go to Thom's web site, click here.

I have purchased Thom's e-books since the D-200 came to market.  With his e-book, you will receive a CD in the mail (no downloads), which you can load onto your computer or have printed at your local Kinko's.  Personally, I like loading the pdf file onto my field laptop computer.  The pdf is searchable, which makes it truly a quick-reference for the field, where you need information fast, in most cases. Thom also includes a printed quick-reference guide that is just slightly larger than pocket-size.

Lastly, Thom's blog on the front page of his website is a good place to learn what is going on in the digital imaging world at any given time.  Check it out!

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