Sunday, May 31, 2009

Would You Like Some Training on Adobe Products?

If you are at all like me, Adobe products can be intimidating...all those controls and buttons!  What do they all mean?

I have two recommendations.  The first one is a recommendation based purely on training curriculum and my perception of "value" - -  I was first introduced to when I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection.  Adobe offered me a "free gift" of my choice...and one of the options was a free month of access to  I thought, "Why not?"  I was amazed at the volumes of content in their library of flash movies, and when I actually watched the first one (I chose the introduction to Adobe LightRoom 2) I was blown away at the presentation. guessed it, I purchased a subscription for $25 per month, which gives me full access to the entire library of training. has not only Adobe titles, but pretty much anything I could ever imagine wanting to know more about.  They have additional subscription levels, too.  Check them out!

My second recommendation is really a no-brainer for any photographer - - membership in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, or "NAPP."  Membership costs $99 per year, and also grants members to full access to a plethora of reference materials.  But, here is the best part about NAPP - free shipping on all orders from B&H Photo-Video (my personal favorite supplier of everything photographic and computer related).  Those of you who know me best will know that I recouped my NAPP membership fee in about three months.  Check NAPP out by clicking here

Those are my two hottest tips for training, tips and tricks, and more.


  1. I just signed up for too using the 30-day pass that I got from CS3 (almost a year ago). I didn't realize how many title they have! This could become addicting!

  2. Cincinnati State offers Photoshop 1 through 4. At $80 a credit hour, it costs about $300 for a quarter of the class. The instructors are great with the software. I would suggest this if you are unsure you want to make an investment in adobe software. The school has open labs with Adobe products installed on their computers. The drag is that I think you have to apply to Cincinnati State as a non-degree seeking student to take any classes there.