Saturday, March 27, 2010

Other Photo Clubs in Our Area - Events and Offerings

Eric Curby has forwarded a link to an April event hosted by the Hamilton County Park District, and put on by the Tri-state Photographic Society.  For more information, go to:

Another Club, the West Chester Photo Club, meets once per month on the fourth Tuesday.  I have attended the last two events of that club and I have found their meetings to be inspirational in terms of new ideas to get me to go out and shoot.  The WCPC typical meeting agenda is quite focused on photographic composition - members submit three photos to the club's coordinator a few days in advance of each meeting.  Like our monthly challenge series, WCPC opus photos must comply with pre-set themes.  For example, the theme for April is "red," and the rules are:  photos must be taken in the past 12 months, have the color "red" as a theme, and flowers are not allowed.  Anyone interested in hooking up for the next meeting of the WCPC, please contact me ( or Mark Prince ( for the location, date and time.

Why join more than one Photography Club?  From what I have seen so far, photography is such a broad and complex topic that it is seemingly endless in scope.  Those of you who have attended our meetings or field trips know that we tend to focus on technology topics, like equipment, software, and post-processing techniques.  The WCPC tends (in my experience only) toward artistic composition.  I am quite certain there are other clubs out there which have their own unique ways to contribute to the hobby/profession.

Let's get out and shoot this spring!

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