Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Challenges for April-June

April: Green
Green as in spring time (plants or animals), your favorite car, or anything else that is or implies the color green. It should be interesting to see what interpretations we get from this challenge!

May: Motion
Since we should all be outside more, this should be a good chance to find some subjects that are in motion. This can be blurred motion, sports or action, or implied motion. Some ideas are 2nd curtain flash to freeze action or freezing action that still implies movement of the subject.

June: Animals
Well, this is pretty easy to interpret. There are plenty of options for this challenge, including pets, wildlife, or even zoo animals. The challenge will be to take a photo of an animal that is unique.

Once again, please post your entry to the Club group on Flickr before the start of the meeting for that month. Feel free to start a post on the Flickr site or a comment on the blog for questions or ideas.

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